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Foam ordnance and weapons  overview 

40mm foam slugs 

foam mortar and rocket rounds

cap firing grenades

hand to hand foam/rubber weapons 

cap firing claymore mine


M805 BB Grenade/Mine

M809 "Blast Rule" Cap Grenade   

M0107 Training Flash-Bang 

 Booby Traps  

WWII Mills Bomb

Launchers and Mortars 

  M1107 Rapid Fire Mortar

Parts and Projects




IEDairsoft paintball simulated ied















non pyro 105mm artillery shell IED simulation system










1 place the burst tube on the siphon tube

2 using the sting on the burst tube pull the tube threw the hole in the cap

 3 add one cup powder to the IED  add Teflon tape and screw the cap in to the fuse well of the 105mm shell

4 for best power effect place the IED nose up, stretch out the line and insure there are no kinks or knots in it. failure to do so could cause the line to explode

5 attach to (not included) a co2 bike inflator, air tank, or bike pump.

never handle the IED with out proper personal protection on all people on site, do not fire the IED closer then 50' from personnel or equipment



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