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Training Aid Devices and Supplies for  Law Enforcement, Military Training, and Military Simulation/Scenario Games

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"Micro Key" 12g under barrel pistol launcher

Foam rockets and 40mm slugs

Rocket launcher parts kit

foam/rubber weapons 

105mm IED

M805 BB Grenade/Mine

M0107 Training Flash-Bang 

 Booby Traps  



40mm Bull pup launcher

Kit to make your own breach loading 40mm bull pup launcher
Get the most performance form your 40mm shells!!

Kit contains-Front and rear sight, sight rail, chamber, breach ,trigger, fiberglass rod, firing pin, and grip

you will need-
drill press(preferred) with ¼” , 1/8” and 7/64” bits 
super glue
1/4" safty pin for the breach lock…/204276210…
a ¼” bolt and lock nut or ¼” safety pin or (preferred) a ¼”odX1.25” Steel Post and Screw aka Chicago Screws/Barrel Nut for the breach pivot
3 M3 X25mm bolts and 2 m3 hex nuts
16-24” of 1.5” sch 40 pvc pipe
rubbing alcohol and paper towels
sand paper, sharp knife, file


The video talks about a 24" barrel, 18" has proven optimal

Rocket launcher parts kit

Kit to make your own 40mm launcher
demo video




Easily and quickly build a launcher with great performance

This is $12 in plastic, its a light duty launcher and ruff use/abuse will cause it to break. IE if you throw it on the ground the sights will often break off
RPG Grip Upgrade

Glue or pipe clamp to 1.5" pipe
this is cosmetic only, no moving parts
comes light grey/white depending on the batch, paint to suit
The will be some flash/ seam lines/air pockets, this is not a museum piece 

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