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Training Aid Devices and Supplies for  Law Enforcement, Military Training, and Military Simulation/Scenario Games

reminder-we typically have a 3 week lead time on most orders
no internet sales to Colorado, please contact Fox airsoft, Front range airsoft, or the pro shop at DMZ to place an order





"Micro Key" 12g under barrel pistol launcher

Foam rockets and 40mm slugs

Rocket launcher parts kit

foam/rubber weapons 

105mm IED

M805 BB Grenade/Mine

M0107 Training Flash-Bang 

 Booby Traps  



M-3 Tri shot magwell conversion and tracer unit
convert your m-3 tri shot shot gun to take m-4 mags and never get caught reloading the little shells again!!!
lets face it the 5-10 shots a shell gives you just isn't enough fire power to hold your own vs AEGs
No tools drop in fit, locks in just like a shell !
Requires no mods to the shotgun!
 Made to fit M-3 models but some users have hacked it to work in 870s!(we do not provide support for this)
Built in HUTU style tracer system provides a dim tracer effect (The Video WAS shot with NVGs!)
Cast in high impact semi ridged urethane
$30 for a limited time!

We are releasing the Gen 1 system as an extended beta test, the only currently known issue is we are catching air bubbles (some large) in the feed nozzle, the bubbles appear to only be cosmetic and do not effect function if a nozzle gives you issues we will replace it for the cost of postage


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