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M805  BB Grenade/Mine

Based on the proven performance of the Mark 3 series we are proud to introduce the M805. 

 20' Across "blast" pattern!!! 

Up to a 200 BB payload!!





Super Sensitive, They don't get thrown back @ you!!               

"Firing" mode can be set by the user. They can go off on impact or set to fire on a trip wire!!  Optional "pull pin" type safety!! 

 Zip tie @ the back to allow players to hang it on LBV or mount it to a branch to set up a trip wire.

This is our next step forward in non-exploding grenades for military simulation gaming. Its primary function is to project up to 200 Airsoft BBs but it is also compatible with most standard "paint" type fills.

The M805 is sold as a single use item. This allows it to be made out of a lighter, less costly tubing.

This means it is much easer to load and cheap enough to "throw and forget".


The "pull pins" are not included they are easily found @ your local hardware store, drilling one hole in the "safety" is required to install them

Want to learn more??? go to the Instructions page

This item is sold as a kit, it takes some skill and time to assemble a finished grenade. Please visit the instructions page before ordering 


SPRING cleaning SALE

THE TUBING IS REACHING ITS SHELF LIFE, every once in a while you may see one "pop" if it lands on ruff ground. Don't worry about it, the spread is still very GOOD. YOU CAN SEE IT IN THIS OLD VIDEO


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Water will hurt my gun!!!!!!!

No, not really, the water comes our in more of a mist and there's not much of it at all . Airsoft guns are a LOT more water resistant then most people realizes, 
here are some clips of a "torture test" on a AEG, including the gun being fully submerged

Does the thinner tubing effect the durability of the unit?

Yes it does, every once in a while you may see one "pop" if it lands on ruff ground. Don't worry about it, the spread is still darn good.

I know they are sold as "single use" but could they be reused?

 Maybe once or twice. But it comes down to the type of are you play in. Most commonly players will use the units as grenades. If a used unit is found they will than use it in a mine format as mines don't need the impact trigger, which are rarely found. You can expect more use out of a mine as the body doesn't get cut up by rocks and such on impact.

They are sold as single use so people understand that their $1.50 doesn't buy them something that is going to last a lifetime . I kid you not, we received complaints about the Mark 3s that went "Your product sucks, it is not reusable!! I threw it into a patch of cactus my friend was hiding behind and it was destroyed!!"

How Powerful are they?

Coming up with a set "range" and FPS on them is very hard it all depends how they are thrown. If they bounce high you get more range but you won't hit the guy kneeling next to it as the bbs go over his head.. We typically see a 20-25' across area of BBs that are "strong enough to be noticed" and you will here a "clink" on objects like steel 55 Gal. drums and metal house siding. But @ close range they are not strong enough to leave a welt or even any real stinging sensation (Safety first!!!)

 No they aren't perfect ( we will never see a Airsoft grenade that Sims the real deal....that would take 2000-5000 BBs !!) and some times you don't get a full 360 coverage. but I still feel they are the best system available. Keep in mind I am giving you the "real" rundown on them not the "hype" others use to sell their products. I am a player first and a manufacturer second.