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 M0107 "Training" Flash-Bang

!!Version 2 M-203 lauchable body!!

just pull the pin and throw.  Reusable, uses red plastic cap gun caps ($0.99 for 200 @ Wal-Mart). Goes off on impact (or can be set on a tripwire) with a small pop and flash that can be seen in a dimly lit room (you will NOT see a flash in daylight). 

We call it a "Small pop" so you don't get the idea it will "stun" any one. However its not going to be missed when you throw it in a room, measured (indoors, 10,000sf area, it would most likely be louder in a confined space) @ 1" it creates almost 120 DB ( the level were hearing loss starts to happen) @ 18" its @ 117 DB and @10' its 107 DB. Yes it may be a kids "cap gun cap" but if not used with care and proper safety equipment it can cause hearing damage. This is why many hearing loss groups are trying to get caps removed as a kids toy

 The light weight plastic body is intended to be tossed around a corner or in to a room threw a door/window. If you are looking for something to use out doors, try our Blast Rule Grenade

Click HERE for A short video clip!!!!    $6.50 each 




 To arm the system, open the metal firing mechanism. Pull back the hammer  and hold it with your thumb. Put a plastic cap gun cap on the post and close the  firing mechanism so that the hinged lever holds the hammer back.

 Place the firing mechanism hinge first in to the blue cap, allow it to open up till it touches both sides of the blue cap. Insert the safety pin so it sits above the hinge, locking the mechanism in to the cap.

 Put the blue cap in the neck of the body and push down till the safety pin almost touches the neck.

To use, pull the pin and throw.  It may take some practice to get the unit to fire every time, it is dependent how you throw it.

If you find you want more sensitivity add a fishing sinker to the end of the hinged lever. 

To launch with a m-203 you pull the pin, cover the blue cap with the red pusher cap and insert in to the barrel..

never shoot @ a player as this is an unpadded projectile

co2 shells only never use with propane/green gas/any flammable propellant