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All launchers are special orders, contact us for details

The mortars/launchers are built to order, that's why there's no "BUY NOW" for them. You say you want one, I explain the build/ shipping time (about 2 weeks) and send you a "buy now" button threw papal in an email, you can pay with your papal account or use a major credit card. You buy it and send a scanned/faxed copied of your drivers license attached to the email proving you are 18+
2 weeks or so later its built and it ships out 

Light Mortar

  Extend the reach of your firepower BEYOND the 400' mark! Styled after and following the concept of the UK 51mm light mortar , the 60mm Commando Mortar , and The US M224 "hand held"  All modern descendants of the famous Japanese "Knee Mortar" of WWII.  While not part of the original design, a detachable monopod has been added. It adjusts for range and holds your angle steady for accurate follow-up shots. The Light Mortar weighs in @ 6.5 pounds,  36" long,  2" bore, with metal valves and air chamber. It can be fired @ low and high angles

 It can fire 100 ML water/paint balloons, shotgun type rounds with Paintballs/Airsoft BBs, Racket balls,  or small NERF tm type fined foam footballs.  Full power is obtained with 20 strokes of a bike pump (not included) While it is easily handled buy a single player ,a two player crew is ideal, one pumps and one loads. When used by a two player crew a 3-4 RPM rate of fire is the norm. Unlike some of the more expensive Mortars out there this one is cheap to operative No Co2 tanks to get filed, no pricey ammo to buy. Don't let the fact that it only takes 18-20 pumps with a bike pump to charge it fool you.  This is a very powerful setup capable of shooting foam footballs more than 400 feet!!. Check out the thumbnails below and see What  a NERF football  did to my bathroom door from 30 feet!!!!!!!To learn how to make you own rounds for pennies each, go the AMMO page. It comes with a 100cc balloon loading tool and sabot base pattern. $110 +  S/H


 "Rocket Launcher"

165 FPS!!!!  (only 11 fps less than a Blackpoint launcher) with NERF footballs.100YD+ range!!!!!!!!!! We have had a few people comment that 165fps "seems" slow...keep in mind the weight of the projectile, 34 grams + 165 fps = around 42 joules of  force... that's = to  five paintballs moving @ 300fps...This is a very powerful launcher and is for "target practice" only.. DO NOT FIRE in the direction of any living thing.. All the same great features the "light mortar" but in compact size. Around 15 pumps with a bike pump to charge it (not included). Can fire footballs, shot shells, and water balloons, Please note all of our launchers are shipped unpainted and the rocket launcher does NOT come with a sling. $100+S/H




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