Ammo plans   

2" Balloon rounds can be loaded with 100cc+ of paint or water

 Keep in mind these dimensions may need to be modified slightly depending on the thickness the cardboard you use Take a water balloon (depending on the quality you may have to double them up) and use the 100cc syringe to fill the balloon and then tie it off.  Trace the inside of the white ring (or use a small piece of  2" PVC pipe) on a piece of card board and cut it out. Cut out 2, 3" by 4" cardboard rectangles make sure the corrugations run up and down the 3" sides. Warp the rectangles in to half circles and tape all three pieces together (both sides) as shown( make sure that when the sides are folded up the edges rest on TOP of the cardboard circle.  Cut out a 1" by 6.5" strip of cardboard with the corrugations runing up and down the 1"  side  tape the ends of the strip together to form a ring. Place the balloon in the cardboard sabot and make sure it rests firmly on the cardboard circle. Squeeze all the parts together and slide the ring over the top and to the middle  Ok your done.

To load stick the closed end with the cardboard circle in the barrel and push down till the strip is flush with the end of sabot. Remove the strip and push the sabot in as far as you can with you fingers. Use a scrap piece of  1.5" PVC pipe to push it the rest of the way . Hats off to Tippmann for creating this style of round they own a patent on it so don't go making and selling them.

Instead of balloon rounds you can fill the cardboard sabots with Airsoft BBs or paintballs cap the sabot off by stuffing the open end with chunk of  open cell foam.

Nerf Pocket Vortex Footballs- fits -2" barrels  the best feature of these rounds is they will slip fit in if you clip a bit off the fins. No ramrod needed just drop it down the barrel and FIRE. There are a lot of copy cats out there POOF and KOOSH are some. The POOF model works real well in 1.5" barrels but needs a sabot in 2" barrels. The NERF one is worth the extra $$  if you are using a 2" launcher.

Just got back from a overnight event.. We cut a hole in the nose of a "foam football",  stuck in a light stick and wraped it in duck tape. The rounds went past the 400' mark!!!! It turned into a great game of mil-sim "fetch".

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