Parts and Projects


Metal  firing mechanism for cap gun caps, for use in  booby traps, training flash bangs, and other projects  $2.50 each



or 12 for $24.00


60 CC syringe for loading water/paint balloon type mortar rounds and making exploding grenades $4.00 each

100 CC syringe for building a BB grenade loader, and making exploding grenades $6.00 each

1/4" X 1/8" wall latex tubing , for BB/Paint grenades, and  EXTRA LOUD Arty sims.

Plastic balls, for use as a cork type "impact" trigger for grenades made out of 1/4" ID latex  tubing 4 for $1.00

"Sniper Bands" big thick black rubber bands. Great for attaching natural camouflage to you self and your gear, 5 for a $1.50