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Rapid Fire "Medium" Mortar  

OUT of stock, new version coming early 2013

The perfect fire support weapon  Stand off beyond sniper range and pummel your opposition 

Shoots Nerfs, Airsoft (1400 popcorn seeds) and paintball shot shells, "scepter" paint grenades, 60-100 cc balloon rounds.

100+yard range, 15+rounds a Min w/ nerfs

 8 foot groups with 60cc balloons @ 320 feet!!!!!!!







 Folding bipod keeps it rock steady and on target






@ 23" tall and 8.5 pounds, one player can easily carry it slung on the back and still use there primary weapon and keep up with the main body of the force, no more mortar teams lagging behind. Now you can have fire support right were you need it, close in and right behind your front line!



MSRP $350

check out the prototypes on You Tube




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